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Follow these tips on what to avoid doing when you have a septic system for waste management for your home or business. A good rule of thumb:If you haven’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t eat it – Don’t throw it into the septic tank!


Avoid garbage disposals. Garbage grinders substantially increase the accumulation of solids in the septic tank, as well as the solids entering the leach fields and pits. Their disadvantages far outweigh the convenience they provide and are not recommended for households with their own sewage treatment systems. If used, the septic tank size should be increased or the discharge should run through a separate tank first called a trash tank. Once installed, it should discharge into the septic tank or a separate leaching system and not directly to the existing leaching system. If you use a garbage disposal, pump more frequently – or better yet, compost your kitchen scraps. Disposals lead to buildup of grease especially from meat and bones, and insoluble vegetable solids.


A few things (not a complete list) that should never go into the septic tank and leach fields. cigarette butts disposable diapers sanitary napkins & tampons handi-wipes pop-off toilet wand scrubbers trash condoms hair bandages rags & strings coffee grounds paper towels Anti-bacterial soaps – biodegradable soaps only! no “biocompatible soaps” latex, plastic or metallic objects hard toilet paper – soft is better for the tank dead fish or small animals


Don’t use chlorine and chemicals in excess – (1 part chlorine 5 parts of water is a good spray bacteria cleaner) Don’t allow water conditioning backwashes/discharge from water softeners, purifiers, sanitizers or conditioners; Dehumidifiers and air conditioner discharges; Hot tubs and Jacuzzi discharges. Water from leaking fixtures including sneaky leaky toilets. Remember to dye test the toilet often to check for leaks in the septic system Avoid dirt and inert products. Muddy clothes, fruits and vegetables should be dusted off before washing them. Do not dispose of Chemicals from x-ray equipment, even if diluted because they will re-condense in the disposal system and eventually pollute the underground environment which is illegal! Do not use hair conditioners with heavy oils – if you use them, we need to know so we can do something to compensate with added or different bacteria (Avoid entirely if they are not bio-degradable). Keep Kitchen greases OUT of the septic system. It is not easily broken down and can clog your drain field. There are NO available solvents to dissolve these oils that are legal to the groundwater.

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